3DAthletics Club
PRE SEASON TRAINING. COMING SOON! Tentative to begin around mid March.  Primary days will be Mondays - Thursdays. Multiple locations for training and desired results.
(Bring membership documents plus, cash, check or moner orders.) Call 210.391.1076 or email me at orlando.mathews@3dathleticsclubmmxv.org or 3dathleticsmmxv@gmail.com for questions or concerns.

Qualifying meets start in June, we will be ready in May.
If you cannot complete registration and membership online then the administrator will complete it for you.

Welcome to the official 3DAthletics Club MMXV website. Home of Champions and Leaders of Tomorrow. Our VISION is we train for NATIONALS and the YOUTH OLYMPICS.

Established in 2015 (MMXV), 3D Athletics Club MMXV foundation is built on the attributes of Discipline, Dedication, Determination. It was created to allow inner city youth in San Antonio and surrounding areas to learn life lessons through sports, enjoy winning, and absorb the values of Teamwork. Plus have fun participating in multiple youth sporting activities at a highly competitive level of recognition through AAU, USATF, TAAF, and other Youth Athletic Associations. Goal for youth, to compete in Youth IAAF.

Established with the understanding that EDUCATION will always play a priority and fundamental role in all endeavors to build a strong individual foundation for todays youth to develop and grow on.
Upcoming Events
2017 Season is fast approaching. April-July.

AAU JO Championships, USATF Championships, TAAF Championships
We start meets in April
Take advantage of the opportunity for Off season training and learn basic skills, techniques, and conditioning drills and be better prepared for the season no matter what team you choose to run with.
Memberships-Early Bird Special $150 through April 30 2017
For the 2017 Summer Season
Registration is currently open:

2016-2017 Season Registration to begin in September for AAU. January for USATF and TAAF.

In Development
Positive Coach Alliance
DATES: TBA (anytime during practice)
LOCATION: TBA- as needed
TIME: 6:45 -8:00

In Development
In Development
What we do
We Train for Championships, build and encourage positive and strong leadership.
We - Have fun but disciplined training with effective results.
We - Train to standard, NOT time.
Up Coming Events